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Look & Feel

Within the Look & Feel you can tailor the appearance of your app by selecting different themes, fonts and colours schemes, you will also have the ability to edit your app icon, name and logo.

Here you will also have the ability to create your membership tiers and update all correspondence messaging between you, your members and your platform.







On the Branding page you have the ability to set up your Business Name, App Icon, Logo and your Welcome Screen.

To update any of the images on this page simply click on the image and you will be prompted to upload a new one or edit the existing image.





On the Messaging page you will have the ability to view and edit notifications that get sent to your members and staff by either email or a push notification.


To edit the content of these notifications you can click on the pencil on the right hand side of the notification in question.




Choose the theme that best reflects your business. There are 2 types of themes:

Premium Themes – To really give your app a professional look and feel, give your app the upgrade with animated themes. When you click on a theme you will be prompted to either view a demo or choose the selected theme. This will allow you to choose which theme suits your look best

Theme Gallery – Create your own custom theme using your own images or choose one of over 200 themes from our Theme Gallery. You can filter the themes to find the best theme for you:


Custom theme

Choose your own images to use as well as, what style of font and the colour scheme that is most suitable to your theme.

Once you have created your own theme please click on ”Save” it the top right corner. 

*(If you do not save your work, your theme may be lost)

Recommended image size: 828 x 1470 px smartphone proportions.


Membership Tiers

Membership tiers encourage clients to increase their usage in the app to gain additional benefits.

There are 3 membership tiers you can use in your membership club. To become a member of one of these tiers, clients should gain points according to your point definitions.

Your clients will be able to see their membership tier and its benefits in their Members Zone under the ‘Membership’ tab.




Click on the pencil icon to edit each tier.

You can change the name of the tier, notes, the colour of the text and background.

Set the minimum number of points each tier requires. Each point should be used against one cent.

For example, collecting 1000 points should enable redeeming a 10 dollars worth of benefit.

Make sure that the number of required points increases when moving up the tiers.





Each tier can be edited, renamed, choose your own colour scheme as well as being able to see which clients are in which tier.



In the “Benefits” section, set the benefits each tier grants its members – such as a discount or a special gift.

Click “add new” and set the product, service or any other reward. You can edit or delete benefits as you wish.

Once you are done, click “Save”


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