Manage a Nail Salon?

Getting Glue for your nail salon is like hiring your very own loyalty manager, one who knows your customers and just how to keep them coming back next time. From holiday offers to promoting the latest nail trend , and everything in between, Glue will help make your nail salon the go-to nail place in town.

Here’s what you get
when you go Glue

Branded Members Club

Make it your own

With Glue, you can have your very own members club right on your customers phone! Manage clients info and likes, promote services, show off your latest creations and much more via the app, sms, whatsapp or whichever way your customers prefer

Automated Loyalty Manager

Your relationship strengthener

Glue is like your well manicured helping hand, one who knows your customers so well, it knows just what they need and when. Glue makes building a lasting relationship with your clients so easy, you won’t even have to lift a finger.

And a full suite of loyalty driving
products Including but not limited to:

Digital Gift Cards

Present perfect

No woman would refuse a good manicure, which is exactly what makes your services the ultimate gift. Now, you can offer your clients to purchase a gift card to your salon for their mothers, daughters, friends and even themselves.

Digital Payment Processing

Protect the manicure, at all cost

Is there anything worse than reaching for your wallet to pay for that stunning manicure only to ruin it in the process? With Glue, your customers can pay online any time. Even before they get to your salon.

Online Booking

Time to indulge!

We know one of your biggest headaches are cancellations and no-shows. With Glue your clients will not only be able to book online in advance but we will also send them reminders and options to cancel or change their appointment in advance. We’ve got you covered!

Tailored Coupons

Give them something special

Each of your clients is different. Some like a black polish and others go for a french. Some like it square nails and others long and round. Glue’s digital coupons, tailored specifically to each of your clients, will make them feel even more special, and bring them back to you in no time.

Glue for
Nail Salon

  • Glue manages loyalty programs for over 225 nail salons worldwide
  • Glue turns 35% of customers into regulars
  • On average, Glue increases nail salons’ annual revenue-driven revenues by $23K